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Family dentistry at the private practice of Albert Mina, DMD, LLC, focuses on top quality dental care for patients of every age. St. Louis-area patients have been counting on Dr. Mina and his team for friendly dental care for more than 35 years. Use the online booking tool or call the office to schedule a visit today.

Family Dentistry Q & A

What does a family dentist do?

Family dentists like Dr. Mina help all members of the family achieve and maintain a healthy mouth. Dr. Mina’s youngest patients are children coming in for their very first dentist visit, and his oldest patients have been with him for decades.

As a family dentist, Dr. Mina helps with all aspects of oral health. He does general exams, fills cavities, does root canals, places crowns and other restorations, and much more. When you have oral health concerns, Dr. Mina and his team are here to be the support system for your whole family.

When should children come in for their first dental appointment?

Dr. Mina recommends that parents follow the American Dental Association guidelines for their child’s first dental visit: Bring your child to the dentist after their first tooth eruption, or no later than their first birthday if they don’t have any teeth yet.

While it may seem early to start seeing the dentist, it’s actually the perfect time. When your child starts seeing Dr. Mina at an early age, they quickly grow accustomed to the dentist’s office and feel comfortable there. Also, the earlier that you start with good oral health habits, the better the chances of your child having healthy teeth in childhood and throughout their life.

How often should children and adults see the dentist?

Dr. Mina generally recommends that patients of all ages have twice-yearly appointments. These appointments include two main components: a dental cleaning and a comprehensive oral exam.

The dental cleaning removes plaque and tartar buildup to keep your mouth free of harmful bacteria. The oral exam is important because it’s an opportunity for Dr. Mina to identify any emerging problems and then either prevent them or treat the issues early. By having these twice-a-year appointments, you can often prevent much more extensive dental visits later in life.

What should my brushing routine be like at home?

Dr. Mina may recommend the 2x2 rule: brush your teeth two times each day, for two minutes per session. Flossing between each tooth is also very important because it can pull out debris and bacteria that the brush might not reach. If you have periodontal disease, Dr. Mina may also recommend a special mouthwash.

If you need a reliable, friendly, and trustworthy family dentist, book an appointment at the office of Albert Mina, DMD, LLC, online or by phone today.